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Lies and rudeness of the upper are a growing disgust

Just disgusting

Lies and rudeness of the upper are a growing disgust among Russians. People are tired of asking and started demanding.

Alexei Kudrin, head of the audit chamber and one of the advocates of raising the retirement age in the impoverished country predicts a social explosion if the level of poverty will continue to grow. It is echoed by political scientists-sociologists, fixing that after the pension reform, the number of dissatisfied has increased dramatically and this process is irreversible.

But it seems that the nature of protests in modern Russia is connected not only with the quality of life. There were times poorer. Can’t remember who said that in our time people are rebelling, not so much driven to despair, much to disgust. A very accurate observation.

A year ago I wrote that the Russians are asking for their rights on the knees, but today the tone of communication between the citizens and the authorities have changed radically.

In the sensational video of the Arkhangelsk region the woman appeals to the President not from the position of the petitioner: “We, ordinary inhabitants of the Russian North, already quite clearly said not to be Russian North dump. We don’t want our green region had the mark of the Russian dump, not let it get dirty… Mr President, we demand to immediately stop building landfills… irrevocably to stop the construction of a landfill at the station Sees… to prohibit the movement of waste between the subjects of the Russian Federation without taking into account the views of the population… We demand to stop the persecution of environmental activists…”

The verb ‘demand’ and trafficking “is clear enough said” — a new word in Russian politics recently. Especially when they are addressed to the President. Six months ago, Pomors in the General queue had complained to the courts, petitions to the authorities and tearfully asked Putin to “intervention”. But when they responded first with silence, then threats and arrests of activists, the rhetoric inevitably had to change.

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Opponents of the construction of a Church in the Ekaterinburg Park also did his superiors were not asked. And people who 12 June entered the inconsistent March on the capital’s boulevards. And journalists who have left the “Kommersant”, after their colleagues were forced to resign for the good work. I suspect they just became very nasty. The first was from stupid Church-building in the background of the optimization of hospitals and schools, and the second from the highest level of arbitrariness in the police and judiciary, the third — from outright dictatorship of the owners of the media.

Of course, few mistake before. But some hoped to quietly sit out the hard times in internal exile, another game in the “bad boyars and the good king” left the hope that their prayers, if loud and long scream, still to be heard. Today, these are becoming less naive. Although “straight line” with the President of the petitions, of course, enough. The country is a large. By the way, very interesting sound whether on this next session manual of governance a question about the garbage in Cheese — and in what way? If the subject will pass by in silence, it will be another big mistake of the authorities.

Disgust is a strong emotion. Pierces suddenly as a cramp. Yesterday people were sitting on the sofas, watched TV and laughed at the jokes leading to the forbidden subject of jamon. And today it suddenly appear directly under the batons of Regardie. And not because absolutely starved. Im just sick of the endless lies of the authorities and propagandists. Or maybe felt ashamed in front of their grown up children who are taken away in paddy wagons for “obscure t-shirt”. Or tired of being the silent majority, which holds the mode, this is the most and despise.

Why loyal until recently, citizens suddenly becomes disgusting to compromise? Yes, because it makes no sense.

So all of us were afraid? But this position is the main kid in the area there are few who are inspired. According to a fresh survey, “Levada-center”, 82% of Russians believe that the budget should be directed not on strengthening Russia’s military might, and to improve the welfare of its citizens. Don’t laugh, “Iskander” top “Poplar”…

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Or maybe just to trash the kings bought another boat, and sent their families away from the borders of the country, which they converted into the trash? And we give them for it more and will pay higher rates for disposal of garbage… But that was somehow humiliating.

Actually, nothing new. It was all more than once. As he wrote finally: the universal experience tells us, that die Kingdom/ not because life is heavy/ or terrible ordeal./ And die because/ (and more painful the longer), that the people of his Kingdom/ not respected anymore.

Here we seem to be made to this line. As figuratively expressed by the writers and journalists of the Arkhangelsk region in his open letters to the President: “it is Cynical and grossly affected the human dignity of northerners, the root, not convertible to any currency system of the soul and spirit. And so now we have nothing to ask for. The situation on our Northern home and our condition are such that to request we no longer believe it is possible. We require. We demand to stop all construction on Cheese. We desired to develop a worthy, eco-friendly, civilized system of solid household waste. We desired to treat the inhabitants of the North with respect. We demand an apology for that incredible emotional tension in which we are all condemned to live, an apology from those who blame”.

That’s really really directly into the eyes of the citizens get up off his knees and turn your head. Only, I fear, too late. But still better than never.



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