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“Lie down and die.” In Belarus pigs die from starvation

«Ложатся и умирают». В Беларуси дохнут свиньи — от голода

“They don’t eat for four days, at all. Only — squeal like a stuck and chattering teeth, and then — lie down and die quietly. It is impossible to look at it” — sigh, the employees of OJSC “Selection and hybrid centre “Zareche”. We meet in a place where no one from their superiors will not see people asking not to call them names — I’m afraid, but keep quiet, they say, can’t do it. “As bad as it is now, has never been, even in 90-e” — remember them. In the enterprise, among other things, employs about 600 people.

«Ложатся и умирают». В Беларуси дохнут свиньи — от голода

On the website of the Committee for agriculture and foodstuffs of the Gomel region is written: “open joint stock company “Selection and hybrid centre “Zarechie” — dynamically developing agro-industrial enterprise. The main direction of activity — the cultivation and realisation of high quality breeding young growth of pigs, development of new breeds of pigs”.

Once, officials say, the way it was. A successful economy has developed and built housing for their employees, eventually grew the whole agricultural towns with sturdy houses and even apartment buildings. And about breeding pigs from the “District” wanted any pig farm. A few years ago — and the workers attribute this to the fact that the company has joined unprofitable farms of the region became worse, and then worse, and this year — just trouble.

“Die pigs, die complex, and we then to live?”

Here is footage of farm workers, hundreds of fatigued pigs squeal, go and. die. “From hunger,” say the workers.

According to them, last year because of the drought turned out to be a poor harvest of grain. In the end of feed he had to buy, but to feed 60-thousand livestock economy was not afford.

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— They [the former leadership] saw less of the feed, in this case it was necessary to reduce the population before winter, then we would have held. We talked about this, but nobody listened to us. In the end, the pigs for a long time nedokromila, and now — in April and may — just feed did not, and that their hunger strike finally finished it off — to tell the employees.

To sell the starving pigs, but not to torture them, now, too, is impossible: “the meat below 105 kg do not take, and our most “fat” barely 60 kg veil” — account workers.

«Ложатся и умирают». В Беларуси дохнут свиньи — от голода

Director of agriculture employees, in the current situation, don’t blame. Saying that he took office just five months ago — that is, in the forage did not participate.

Is he a hostage as we are. Desperately looking for these foods. 20-30 tons of will find, but what is it? Im going to have about 100 tons of feed. Last week we pigs are not eaten for 5 days, the Director was not able to find anything. I bought a green a lot to give you, but now due to plague veterinary surveillance stops, you can only feed. Where can I get it?

«Ложатся и умирают». В Беларуси дохнут свиньи — от голода

In may, according to estimates of employees in the sector fell about two thousand pigs.

— Come to the Commission, only look on the web but where the window is dirty — and we were left again alone with the trouble. We wanted the protection of animals call, to complain of ill-treatment, but we said it just for cats or dogs is distributed, and pigs not.

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Of course, employees not only feel sorry for the animals but also ourselves. Because their salary depends directly on the weight gain — but it is not.

In April we pay extra to the cost of 330 rubles. “Clean” people eventually got 270-250. In may, don’t know how the economy will pay, because no money at all. Die pigs, die complex, and we then to live?

«Ложатся и умирают». В Беларуси дохнут свиньи — от голода

Photo of workers

“Took out a loan — and that’s enough until the next harvest”

— It is a vicious circle: there was no corn for a long time, of course, pigs are undernourished, and if undernourished, there is no average daily gain. There is no weight gain — no implementation, no implementation, no revenue, no revenue, no money for feed, — says Director of JSC “Selection and hybrid center “Zarech’e” Victor Mamurin. But, says the head issue has been resolved. Literally yesterday.

— Took out a loan for the purchase of grain. Before that we were not given, as there was no collateral, but the area and the area intervened and helped us to implement this. Today, purchased one thousand tons. And already tomorrow the security of livestock feed 80% will. This will last until the next harvest.

— And why so long to decide?

I can’t tell you.
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