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Libya: the Janissaries Erdogan went on the attack on “vagnerova” Putin

Ливия: Янычары Эрдогана пошли в атаку на «вагнеровцев» Путина

Libya is still suffering from the effects of the displacement of Muammar Gaddafi. So, recently, his “heirs” — if I may call members of the civil war in the country — decided to start another step of concentration of power in Libya in the same hands. Khalifa Haftar, a U.S. citizen, among other things, announced that his Libyan national army will begin another March on Tripoli and finally do away with the dual power in the country. That is, the Haftarot just wants to overthrow the so-called Government of national consensus, Prime Minister where is Faiz al-Sarraj.

In the country for many years is a civil war, because Libya, or rather the territory that is officially still considered to be Libya, run by various forces. The capital for the most part keeps Sarraj his faithful people, in addition, different regions are loyal to him power, but the main military force here is Marshal Khalifa Haftar. He has long been trying to take Tripoli, but to no avail, then the attack bogged down, it will delay the organization of a new set of negotiations, the aliens will intervene at the most inopportune moment. By the way, now again something like this happens.

In the first half of December, Haftar took courage and announced that Tripoli must be released. Hostilities became more active, slightly more successful was the Haftarot, but suddenly recognized authorities, which are members of the national consensus Government, had the idea to call on the assistance of foreigners, namely the Turks.

Surprisingly, Recep Tayyip Erdogan immediately responded, and responded so as to Tripoli and waited for Turkey’s President promised that the issue will be considered in January, and most likely, the result will be positive. Erdogan has made clear that. Moreover, our esteemed Turkish “partner” in his comments struck surrounding the Haftarot of mercenaries.

First expressed surprise at the presence in Libya of thousands of fighters from Africa, and then moved to the Russians. Erdogan mentioned the so-called “vagnerova”, which, according to him, Libya about two thousand. Our guys have forgotten in this African country? It’s very simple. Moscow supports the Haftarot in his struggle for power. And the rumors about the presence of Russian citizens in Libya have been circulating for a long time. However, for the first time this rumor says the President of another country.

Russia reacted classically — say they do not need any aggravations, for Libya is going to be another worsening of the conflict, and the like. In occasion of our citizens Peskov said that all of them cannot be controlled, that is, someone could really leak, but about the relationship with private military structures is not mentioned.

How will the events develop, we tried to learn from Russian political scientist and orientalist Karine Gevorgyan.

“SP”: — do you think that Ankara did send their military to Libya?

— That the Turkish proxy war in Libya, has long been known. It is an open secret. They support al-Saraga and his government for several years. So sending some of the next batch is not particularly change the situation. I think it will be a small contingent. Apparently, this legalization now need some reason to Erdogan or his Libyan partners.

“SP”: — why is Turkey all of this?

— Turkey so earns money. The Turks passed through the Black sea, through the territory of the Libyan oil. Directly now Libya to trade oil cannot, and that uses the services of Ankara, which is quite profitable. Oil goes through Turkish territory, goes to the Ukraine, and then via pipeline into Europe.

“SP”: — And what about Russian mercenaries?

— I can’t comment on, not having any information — closed or open. But I’m sure that any Russian citizens, if they are there, at the invitation of the authorities.

“SP”: — Who do you mean by official authorities? In this respect there are different points of view.

The authorities in Eastern Libya (Eastern Libya, and most of the rest of the country, ruled by just Khalifa Haftar — a bus). That is, their presence is lawful and not contrary to international standards.

“SP”: — will all this in Russian-Turkish relations?

— I think not. At the very least, major changes will not. It’s just the local divergence of interests, and all. In the same Syria. To take the situation in Idlib. The Turks are clearly very unhappy with the way intensified the operation to sweep the province from militants. But we have to look for the exits.

“SP”: — Well. Then tell me, if it comes to that in Libya, citizens of Turkey will be at war with citizens?

Turkish proxies are already at war with the Haftarot, and if the ranks of its supporting forces, there are Russians, then it’s probably already happened, but at the expense of mercenaries, I can’t say. I just don’t have the information.

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