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LG will release a smartphone roll

LG has patented a new smartphone with a screen of the roll type. The device is very much like the elder scrolls and much superior to the Samsung Galaxy F. a new LG smartphone, the name of which is not yet invented technology is applied LG ROLED, which allowed to equip it with a screen that can be rolled into a tube.

In fact, it will be expensive flagship, but with its unique form factor, which is not yet none. Side screen holders themselves are very smart and easy: in them is hidden the main filling, and the corps submitted additional screen, control buttons, cameras and even in a niche under the stylus to the smartphone can be operated with both a tablet.

In the fully expanded screen LG can accommodate three applications or three documents, so Yes, it is both a smartphone and tablet computer. The device has all the chances to visit the exhibition CES 2019, which will open in early January, and that LG really wants to visit. There she will present, among other things, a giant TV ROLED that, all right, also can be twisted into a roll. We can only hope that the smartphone will ever get on the conveyor, and then the monotonous monoblocks already rather tired.

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