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LG has promised to protect the smartphone G6 from explosions

LG decided potrollit its main competitor in the smartphone market and revealed new details about the flagship smartphone, the G6. According to this information, the cell phone battery will be completely safe, that is, the phone is prone to spontaneous combustion, as was the case with the Samsung Note 7, and how it is likely to be with the upcoming S8.

Battery LG G6 produced on new technologies, including system cooling. The heat from it will have the same heat pipes that remove heat from the CPU and the temperature inside will decrease by 10 percent compared to solutions without heat pipes. Also, we revised the design of the motherboard is more or less hot elements are located in different parts of it, which also helps proper heat dissipation.

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The battery LG G6 in the production undergoes a series of tests — they even pierced with sharp nails, and then they throw heavy objects. Output battery LG G6 was 15% safer than required by European safety standards. The announcement of the LG G6 will take place at the MWC show 2017 February 26 this year. The flagship will get a unique screen with a diagonal of 5.7 inches, an aspect ratio of 2:1 and a resolution of Quad HD+, but would lose the modular component, which, however, did not gain popularity in LG G5.

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