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LG has created a revolutionary display for smartphones, which has no analogues in the world

LG создала революционный дисплей для смартфонов, у которого нет аналогов в миреFor the past how many years, millions of people dream about making modern electronic devices, it was impossible to break. The most vulnerable place of all smartphones is its display, which is covered with protective glass.

The South Korean company LG just recently filed an application for registration of a new patent that describes a stretchable AMOLED screen that can be used in smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other gadgets, where it can be useful. The company intends to use its new development, which has no analogues, even by Samsung, the current smartphone. It will be open similar to a normal book.

Due to the fact that the new display from LG can stretch, an ordinary smartphone can easily transform into a tablet and take it back. Of course, now all this seems fantastic, however, the South Korean company has already filed an application for registration of the patent, and thus she really has such a display that, among other things, impossible to break or be harmed in any way (within reason).

Create a foldable foldable mobile devices is now occupied by many companies, including Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. In fact, the first Corporation that launched such a product for the consumer market, will be the “king” for many years.

However, only the display from LG can shrink and stretch without losing its properties, while the organic matrix from other manufacturers is only able to bend without losing its characteristics.

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