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“Let me go”: Timati and Grigory Leps sings along

Yesterday aired the next edition of the show “Evening Urgant”. This time the audience was in for a surprise: they became a musical number from Timati and Grigory Leps. The musicians performed a duet of the song entitled “Let me go”.

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Publication of Evening Urgant (@vecherniy_urgant) May 26 2017 10:16 PDT

This track is presented in the last year: since then the video became very popular on YouTube. However, the artists themselves repeatedly noticed that removed the clip, and a short film, which was directed by the famous Paul Khudyakov.

Publication of Evening Urgant (@vecherniy_urgant) May 26 2017 12:10 PDT

To live “Evening Urgant” it became clear that the Leps managed to make peace between Philip Kirkorov and Timothy, who had a long-standing feud. “This Santa Barbara had to end sooner or later. Time has passed, the relevance of the events has lost its meaning. So do adults,” commented Timothy himself.

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