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“Lessons of bribery”: the Ukrainian masterful comedians made fun of politicians

"Уроки взяточничества": украинские комики мастерски высмеяли политиков“Quarter 95” proposed policies to introduce in Ukrainian schools lessons of corruption.

Studio “Kvartal 95” made a tempting offer Ukrainian politicians who are in power. In schools it is necessary to introduce a new subject “Bases of corruption”, which will allow you to teach Ukrainian children to bribery since childhood.

About this in his speech at the “Evening quarter” says comedian Valery Zhidkov.

“I have an idea as to strengthen the credibility of the current government or at least a little to raise it from the floor. Instead of having to constantly explain to people why you can’t deal with corruption, we need to educate new people who will take these issues for granted. As something normal, as an integral part of my life,” says the author. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Liquid believes that if the fight against corruption is not bearing fruit, then you need to change the attitude of Ukrainians.

“We have teachers teach children that stealing is bad, but children, seeing how they live teacher, I see evidence that not stealing is good. In this situation it would be logical not to blame the corruption and accustomed to it. “The Foundations of corruption” to explain to children, who should give how much under what circumstances. The children were prepared for adult life,” said the comedian.

According to him, this is the most important subject in school because it will help children choose their future profession.

“Peter, where are you? You have corruption barely three. Go to the engineers and not to show off”. Already in these lessons of corruption to explain to children why we do so, and not otherwise, one all and the other nothing. Suggest to the authorities to take note. If you do not want to change, bring up a generation of people who will love you just as you are. Will respect, admire and, most importantly, do not ask unnecessary questions. Take care of the young, because we will not retrain”, sarcastically he says.

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