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Lesser-known paintings of Kurt Cobain. Photo

Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. ФотоThe leader of the band “Nirvana” could boast not only musical talent.

Never before seen pictures of Cobain, now sealed in the archives of the inheritance Cobain, were the highlight of the Seattle art fair held this month. Their most popular goods brought to the leading art market of the Pacific Northwest for nearly 100 galleries from ten countries, but the paintings Cobain were not sold: they provide a fresh look at Cobain as a musician who also expressed himself on the canvas.

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, although canonised for his music, was interested in the visual arts long before took up the guitar. In the book “Heavier Than Heaven” (“Heavier than heaven”) the biographer Charles R. Cross tells the story of how six-year-old Cobain bragged that drew the perfect image of Mickey mouse from memory. The work was so good that his grandfather Leland blamed the boy that he circled the outline of the picture. “Not true,” said Cobain and quickly gave a bunch of Donald duck and goofy to boot. Leland was stunned.

At school, Cobain received from art teachers praise and support which did not receive at home, giving through the illustrated comic journals will anxiety associated with a crumbling marriage of her parents. “He always something to paint,” said Cross, his classmate, Nicky Clark. He gravitated to the forbidden images of violence and monsters to Satan. In seventh grade he showed a photo-realistic drawing of vagina his classmate bill Burghardt, who in response asked: “what is it?”

Art Cobain was also an integral part of the rise of Nirvana, from first band stickers to the picture on the cover of Incesticide; both were showcased at the fair.

Agency United Talent Agency discovered images of Cobain after beginning to represent his legacy in the past year; the Director of the Agency for the visual arts Josh’s Mouth got access to hundreds of personal belongings of Cobain in the vault “somewhere in Los Angeles.” A small part of his findings, including pages from a notebook with an early sketch of “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, a letter with a promise of eternal loyalty to Courtney Love and a collaboration with William S. Burroughs (shown below), where Cobain portrayed four bullet holes, made his debut in the centre of the CenturyLink Field Event Center August 3. There are two pictures: the picture is skinny, similar to amphibian humanoid, sprawled on a yellow background, titled “Fistula,” and a work that is already known by millions of fans of Nirvana, it is also likely, having them in miniature – painting on the cover of the album Incesticide, also called “Insecticide”.

To see paintings in person at the UTA booth at the Seattle art fair was magical – it was a rare opportunity to look into the area of the mind of Cobain, which were not subjected to exhaustive analysis over the 23 years since his death. The brush strokes are accurate, but are rough and paintings in original wooden frames Cobain. Pereneslas from March 1994 to the fair in 2017, it would be possible to assume that Cobain, thanks to a childhood passion for painting gained fame in the art world.

Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. Фото
Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. Фото
Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. Фото
Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. Фото
Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. Фото
Малоизвестные картины Курта Кобейна. Фото

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