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Lera Kudryavtseva openly talked about their experiences of violence

Oskar Kuchera and Lera Kudryavtseva were guests on the premiere edition of “the Stars aligned” on NTV. The star candidly answered questions from fans on the air.

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Valerie said that her life is not like a fairy tale as it may seem to the public. Kudryavtseva had a lot of work, and it is made exclusively his own work. Presenter shared a story about one of their failed relationships: “I never loved him. At this time my phone was listened to, then went to the guard and followed, whom I greet, with whom you communicate. At that moment I was betrayed many friends — he also bought”.

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Lera had once to deal with the violence! Then the star got the lead role in one of the movies for which it just simply beat: “I found the door closed, beaten, by my mom. She felt something”.

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Now Lera Kudryavtseva happily married to 29-year-old hockey player Igor Makarov. Also She has a grown son from his first marriage with the soloist of group “Tender may”.

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