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Horror Leprechaun Returns gets its first trailer, and that looks very funny and old school. The new picture is a direct sequel to the original “Leprechaun” in 1993 after 25 years and one of the main characters have, apparently, daughter tori, which, we recall, played the young Jennifer aniston.

Killer wit the Leprechaun returns in a bloody blaze of glory. In the old building of the student society “alpha Epsilon” populated freshman, and in search of water trying to use abandoned well, inadvertently awakening the evil imprisoned there. The leprechaun is eager to return to his pot of gold, but first, to limber up, Shorty will arrange a real massacre. And only girls from “alpha Epsilon” is able to stop him.

Starring Linden Porco (“the Cult of Chucky”), Taylor Spreitler (“the Amityville Horror: the Awakening”), pepy Sonuga (“ash vs. evil dead”), SAI Bennett (“Trap”) and mark Holton (the first “Leprechaun”).

Screenplay — Suzanne Kelly (“ash vs. evil dead”).

Director — Steven Kostanski (“Emptiness”).

11 Dec “the Leprechaun returns” on Digital platforms and On Demand.

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