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Leonardo DiCaprio questioned in court

Леонардо ДиКаприо допросили в суде The actor gave testimony in the investigation conducted in the United States about corruption in Malaysia.

Famous Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who recently seized the “Oscars” Marlon Brando, presented to him by wealthy friends, was summoned to the court in this case.

Leo testified in court in the investigation of the theft from the state investment Fund of Malaysia.

The content of the testimony of the stars, unfortunately, not reported, but it is noted that the famous actor has long been cooperating with the investigation.

The U.S. justice Department in July 2016, announced the beginning of the investigation in connection with alleged embezzlement and money laundering in the amount of $ 3.5 billion of senior officials 1MDB – the Malaysian state investment Fund.

According to authorities, the stolen money was transferred to USA and used in particular for the purchase of real estate, aircraft, paintings by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet, as well as for the film “the Wolf of wall street” where Leonardo DiCaprio played a major role.

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