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Lenovo is targeting the premium segment of the smartphone market

Lenovo continues to storm. After the recent revival of its own brand in the smartphone market it decided to compete with the top players of the segment and also to get into the top League. As it happens, while it is difficult to say, but she will work hard, because in 2016, it ranked 8th among of Chinese vendors, and the results of the Q1 of 2017, it does not in the Top 10.

It should be noted that Lenovo does not intend to deal with either Samsung or Apple, because everyone will know in advance how it will end. So far, the company is going to compete with the top Chinese brands, among which are primarily Huawei. However, in the world’s market leaders it also wants to reach, and the main weapon against Samsung, Apple and Lenovo are the smartphone Moto. Under this brand the company will break into the premium segment, and the assistance it will provide mobile network operators in several countries around the world, including in the United States, where three operators embarked on her side.

There is only one problem: if to look at photos and renders of the Moto smartphones in 2017, it becomes very sad, because there is nothing unique and original, and large screen frame and design the main camera can even ward off many potential buyers. What Lenovo is going to oppose Samsung S8 and 8 coming iPhone from Apple, is unclear, but today, judging from the available bits of information, tricks up my sleeve from China vendor no.

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