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Lena the Fly had to hire security due to threats of imminent violence

Recently the TV channel “Friday” held an urgent meeting: as it turned out, the leading “Revizorro” Lena Fly began to receive threats after verification of the Moscow restaurants.

After the inspection of the provincial institutions Lena lashed RAID on the capital’s cafes and restaurants. Of course, not all the owners met us with joy. Volatile has managed to face the extremely negative attitude: the fragile presenter even locked in a freezer and run it with a bucket of water.

For the past few weeks in social networks do not cease the discussion, the bloggers are “hot” debate, supporting or condemning the lady. Now Flying is on vacation, but she had to urgently come to the meeting on TV.

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The editors of the programme decided to get together due to threats that began to arrive in the address of Lena. “After the Moscow season Lena began to threaten with punishment. Even tried to open her phone to spoil the reputation. However, they would be there still nothing found. The guide channel has decided to urgently hire a guard Lena: now it will move with the support, not only in shooting. We know who is behind all this. When Moscow started the season, we thought it would be difficult, but not knew to such an extent,” shared with the representative of TV channel “Friday” Natalia Abramochkin.

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For the media. Threatening me with violence. The guard actually hired. Promised to tarnish the reputation. And “the campaign to smear my name” is in full swing! The authorities reported. And we know who’s doing it. Information is confirmed!

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