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Lemonade – fresh and use in one glass

Лимонад – свежесть и польза в одном стаканеLemonade is simply impossible not to love.

In the heat of summer really want a refreshing drink that will relieve thirst. Our choice – lemonades.

More about the benefits and recipes!

Store-bought version of the lemonade is tasty, but not exactly useful (read composition: carbon dioxide, caffeine, flavorings, etc.). Besides, it contains large amounts of sugar, so your thirst will definitely fail to satisfy.

This is confirmed by the staff of the University of Minnesota who conducted research for 14 years.

Conclusion: fizzy drinks has negative effects on the human body and causes cancer of the pancreas.

The harm fizzy lemonade from the supermarket for children
Acid content this beverage has a negative impact on the functioning of the digestive system and also leaches calcium from bones, which is essential for normal growth of the child. the latter property has and black tea, which is why it is not recommended to give children under 2 years.

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What drink can refresh and cheer up in the summer heat? Of course, the lemonade, but only homemade!

Recipe lemonade with Basil and mint
Green Basil – 1 bunch,
Mint – 1 bunch
Lime – 2 pieces
Cane sugar – 100 g
Lemon – 1 piece
Just 20 minutes of your time.

You must squeeze the juice from lemon and lime, then heat water in a pan and, without boiling, add the freshly squeezed juice. Then add sugar and stir until dissolved. The solution should not boil.

Then mint and Basil, you must grind in a blender and attach it to lemonade. Liquid cool. You’re done! Take glasses, put them in ice cubes and decorate with some Basil leaves and mint.

Ginger lemonade
Oranges – 5 units
Cane sugar – 130 g
Water – 1,5 l
Ginger – 4 cm

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Peel the ginger and grate. From lemon and oranges and squeeze the juice. And then remove the peel. And then the zest to mix with sugar and ginger and cover with water. Bring to a boil. To supply cooling. And when this liquid has cooled, strain it. Then add fresh lemon and orange juices. Well, all quench your thirst.

Cucumber lemonade

Cucumber – 2 PCs
Orange – 1 piece
Ginger grated – 5 g
Honey – 2st.l.
Water – 1,5 l

Cucumbers you need to peel and cut into cubes. Ginger root wash and dry with paper towel. The ingredients must be ground in a blender and add a glass of water. Then drain. You then squeeze lime and orange juice.

In a pan pour the strained juice, add the remaining water, lime juice and orange and honey. Stir. Serve with lots of ice.

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