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Lemon diet for quick weight loss

Лимонная диета для быстрого похуденияAs many already know, lemon is famous for the fact that reduces appetite, accelerates metabolism, removes waste and toxins.

In addition, weight loss with lemon will seem very simple and even enjoyable diet that requires almost no effort and costs.

Simply within 2 weeks before each meal to drink a glass of water with a slice of lemon, on an empty stomach daily take lemon juice. Refuse to be only from bakery products, pastries, sweets, fatty foods, fried foods.

Rules of lemon diet

As has been said, lemon diet is designed for 14 days.

In day 1, you should squeeze 1 lemon in 1 glass of still water and drink on an empty stomach and more in this day to resort to this drink. Every day the number of drunk cups of lemon juice should increase, that is, on the 6th day you should drink 6 glasses of fresh lemon juice, respectively. 7 day lemon diet be named and unloading – in other words, eat nothing, and drink only allowed water and lemon.

The second part of the lemon diet provides a 6-day drinking and food and juice, but in reverse order – on the 6th day you should drink just 1 Cup of fresh lemon juice. Second 7th fasting day should be held without food, but with lemon juice: squeeze 3 lemons in 3 liters of water and drink all day.

Out of the diet

After parting with about 5 pounds, not worth it in the end lemon diet to pounce on the food – otherwise you can easily make up for the lost weight. It is impossible to overeat. But to use this rather strict diet can be not more than 1 times a year, because it is dangerous to tooth enamel.

Not to destroy in 2 weeks tooth enamel, it is necessary after each use lemon juice rinse the mouth soda solution (1 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water).

To consolidate the weight loss result it is advisable to do gymnastics, pool, gym, fitness club. You should also significantly reduce the use of semi-finished, canned food and, of course, sweets.

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