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Legends 1987 in Arta

1987 – it’s cool. 1987 30 years ago, this is the era of VHS, the video is a great 80s… In 1987, the screens out a lot of the now cult and classic films: the”Hellraiser”, “evil dead 2”, “Running man”, “Outside”, “a Nightmare on elm street 3”, “blood diner”, “Doll”, “Kids of the garbage”, “Opera”, “the masters of the universe”, “the Lost boys”, “Robocop”, “Kaleidoscope of horrors 2”, “near dark”, “video dead”, “Predator”, “full Metal jacket” and many others.

What year in history was for the horror genre the best is a difficult question, but “1987” could definitely be considered a good answer. I’m not sure that, say, the 1990s came as much close, how much for one in 1987.

To pay tribute to this perfectly terrible year, Gallery 1988 (Los Angeles) staged an exhibition and sale of paintings titled “30 years later” (30 Years Later). The exhibition opened last weekend and will close on August 12. So if you are in these days in L. A., California, look at the address of Melrose Avenue, 7308.

The exhibition presents dozens of works by different artists. Presented there is the creation of Stephen Halliday, about which we wrote earlier. Prices range from four to two thousand dollars, and in my uninformed taste, not all of the requested money – especially in comparison with some other, effective, stylish and affordable.

And which of these pictures did you like?

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