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Legendary Pictures will take on a remake of “the Toxic avenger”

Talk about rebooting treshak from cult Studio Troma go for seven years, and beyond words while it did not come, however, now became interested in the project the film company Legendary, which is behind such blockbusters as “the Dark knight”, “Watchmen” and “Kong: skull Island” and the horror flick “trick or treat” and “Krampus”. It is reported that the Studio has acquired the rights to the remake, however, is still unknown, will there be any specific dates to start production.

Recall that the original “Toxic avenger”, 1985, narrated how

At the local health club loitering Melvin Junko, a wimp, a loser, the object of bullying and ridicule. He got his ugly form Slug and bozo, that those thrown it out the window. Junko falls into a tub of toxic waste. However, he not only survived the toxic debris, but also mutated, gaining super powers. Melvin was reborn to a new life giant mutant named Toxic Avenger. He found the meaning of life. Now his goal is to eradicate the evil in his native state.

It is known that the creators of the original Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman stay in the project as producers. From Legendary Pictures in this role will perform Alex Garcia (Godzilla 2014) and J. Ashenfelter (“Pacific rim 2”).

The topic: Why Kevin Smith is not a remake of “the Toxic avenger”?

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