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Legendary gymnast Olga Korbut have sold their gold medals useless


Approximately $200 thousand were rescued by the legendary Soviet gymnast Olga Korbut, who sold all his medals. Sports trophies CenterUkraine Olympic champion put on an American auction Heritage Auctions.


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According to KP.RU with hammer away absolutely all the rewards that Korbut won during the sports career. Including the icon of “Master of sports”, gymnastics leotard and even a gold medal at the Munich Olympics in 1972. For special connoisseurs of sports gymnastics Korbut put up for sale your old us passport.

Fans speculated that the gymnast has decided to auction off personal items due to financial needs. However, the former husband of female athletes — the soloist of the ensemble “Pesnyary” Leonid Bortkevich, it said the opposite: “she says She is free to dispose of your things as you want. Why these glands are lying at home?!” Leonid also added: “we Have someone who can say, it is unpatriotic, as they say, their medals to sell… In the States it is normally perceived. The sale of their things arrange many stars. And these medals will not sell”.

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Former husband of the Olympic champion told reporters what Olga in America, where it lives for a long time: “She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a normal husband, younger than her. Periodically she trains, teaches children. The figure of Olga is the same as it was, and many of the exercises she can show by example”.

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However, the former coach Olga Korbut, nine-time Olympic champion Larisa Latynina suggested: “If she sold the Olympic medals, apparently, not so sweet she is”.

In 1970, 15-year-old Olga Korbut became the champion of the USSR in the vault and entered the national team. Her triumph was the Olympics in Munich, where she first demonstrated the famous “Korbut Loop”, an innovative gymnastic element, which is based on walkovers on the bars. Since 1991, Korbut lives in the USA, is an American citizen.

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