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Legendary cinema will devote his life to the development of the game

Легендарный кинематограф посвятит свою жизнь разработке игрыKnown visionary remained under strong impressions of the new game.

New multiplayer shooter from Bungie, the film has captured Hollywood visionary John carpenter — directed “Something”, “Escape from new York” and “Halloween”. Long known that the master of horror is strongly interested in video games. A few months ago, the filmmaker praised the PS4-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn, and before that he was sticking up for Hideo Kojima, who was repeatedly accused of stealing ideas from Hollywood — and, in particular, carpenteresque movies.

In a recent interview that John carpenter gave the authoritative newspaper The Guardian, the 69-year-old Director said that he is ready to retire and spend all of her free time Destiny 2 — if only to learn how to play it better.

“Recently became interested in a video game called Destiny 2. This is science fiction. Fun game. But very complex. That is why I decided to dedicate the rest of my life honing their skills in it. At my age, why not? It helps me forget about the problems and not to get involved in anything,” said the Director.

The Director also said that playing video games he would like to spend my old age. But how would Western journalists may like to mock, like the venerable Director, like the Buddhist monk, leaving everything material behind and fully dedicate yourself to the game, say farewell to the film business the great Director has no plans.

Now he is busy restarting “Halloween” — the legendary horror film, which in its time was one of the founders of the sub-genre “slasher”. It’s logical that John carpenter, marked the beginning of a cult franchise, will participate in the next restart (the two previous remakes, ambiguously accepted by the public, doing rock musician Rob Zombie). However, this time the carpenter would not be directing the picture, and will act as her producer and consultant.

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