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Leevy hett-trik and Rudd

December weekend was so great for the weather that I was born from two-way combination. As you know, in Sunny calm weather, which was established on Saturday, a bad bite. But then, on a weekday, be sure to attend one of the most popular places and run zakormlen on weekends holes. This time such a popular site chosen was Eric, which is popularly called “Mare’s head” because of a wonderful picture of his curves, which can be seen on the map.

We drove through the night over the frozen track. Surprisingly, for such a popular place, where the pit 9 meters, almost reaching consequences Eric Talovaya, there was absolutely no one. The ice is strong enough. It was clearly visible that it happened last weekend. Old hole, and neat, ice screws, and chipped, not successfully. I immediately began to catch on “devil” for one simple reason – the “Mare’s head”, the probability of catching the bream. And bream, as you know, indifferent to the “devil”, the hooks of which are adorned with beads.

Already on the second hole I felt that “the devil” someone asked. Nod a couple of times off the pace. I have continued to raise the bait more smoothly, and immediately felt the obvious pressure. Hooked something heavy, resting, began to rise. On ice there is no snow, the hole to preporuciti nothing. And there, near the hole the fish got nervous and pulled into the depths. I bleed monofilament fishing line diameter 0,12, again dragged the fish to the hole and saw the narrow mouth of the perch. That’s a surprise! Never will I “Mare’s head” did not catch walleye, especially in the winter! But apparently I was too cautious and gave up the slack, and the perch snapped.

Sorry! But we will continue to explore the edge of the pit. I will not describe my anger and let me just say that consecutive four holes I had a solid gatherings. Bite was very Moody, everything happened in a smooth rocking motion with simultaneous slow rise “of the devil”. A couple of times I even move the fish could not. I once considered beneath the ice something large and white – clearly not the perch. Apparently, the young bream I never got to the hole in the ice. But, if I was not lazy and came up with something black-hole, I probably would be able to catch something.

I decided to move toward the exit of the pit. Where usually fishermen catch Belle on the moth with the bait. Old lured the hole is a dream for besmettelijke. I ran around all wells within sight and drilled or refresh the ones that were clearly someone zakormlen. Belle began to get caught more often. Slipped roach, perch and small skimmers. I changed the hole by hole giving openly small fish crows, who have ceased to be afraid of me and waited patiently for about ten meters. Finally, in a hole (as I remember, lured millet porridge) with a clear bite in the form of a clip nod sat polukilogrammovy bream. Yes! After all this they were eating I’m on the edge of the pit.

The picture posting worked only one. At first, I quickly shook “Jack” slow rise, further rise is produced with smooth rocking movements. It wobbles on smooth white bream was decided to take the “devil” in the mouth. After some five minutes I already pulled a second one just like bream. Igor, seeing this thing broke down and also unbuttoned my bezmetallny the bait and sat in a nearby hole. After the capture of the third “bream” (Lenin floodplain polukilogrammovy looks like a white bream and bream) I calmed down. In principle, the fishing is done, and the biting imperceptibly disappeared.

All the bites were very careful. To provoke the fish to a bolder touch, I deliberately teased her longer slow climbs without hesitation and with high frequencies. When I clearly saw 2-3 attempts to catch fish uncomfortable dancing to “devil”, I changed the wiring with gentle rocking movements, and immediately got need a clear leevy clamping nod. All the bream were caught at a distance of 70 – 100 cm from the bottom.

“Goat” demarche against the “devil” of universality

The bait “goat” I find quite rare. Although she is one of bezmaternyh baits, however my main experience is based on “the devils” and the jigs. As a rule, to the “goats” fishing is not reached. And to a certain point I was firmly convinced that the versatility of the baits in bezmetallny fishing more often in “devil” than the jig or “goats.” However, the last ice on Karpovka and Sewerage reservoirs and fishing in Kolobovka this winter made me reconsider my beliefs.

This time we went on a weekday in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain. Someone called autumn where there were many large bass, someone just went for the company, as I look at the new ponds.
On the ground running Erice depth decent. Where a meter and a half and two and a half. All this is interspersed thickets of seaweed. Began to catch on to “goat” for a simple reason – it is less herbs catchy than “hell.” I ran on the grassy stretch, grabbed krasnoperko and one pot-bellied perch. Went on the corner – and there perch. Five whales the size of a finger – 2-3 fat boy is the runt and the one with the palm. Here such statistics. And at the end of the fishing decided to return herbal ples, look for the large perch.

With a single hole pulled a few perch. Rozboril has a small snout, where, apparently, there was a border of grass and pure bottom. At one point, even through the ice was clear and bright and the bottom dark. Here there and broke into “the goat” first good Rudd. Then another. Found out that she, foxy, takes a meter from the bottom and prefer a very slow rise. No matter frequently or continuously shaking or no shaking – just slow to raise “goat.” As soon as I realized – “here it comes”. The bite was on almost every lift. Companions already warm up the car, I’m alone on the ice, it’s time to go, and she, damn, caught. Line 0.128 mm. Sometimes bite such as if someone is falling, grabs my line. I’m tired nod to improve on the whip. In General, it’s a bright final point. “Goat,” not just by the last the ice and not only on the reservoirs!

Several times already I can find a larger fish in places where thick grass bordered with clean bottom. Even large perch and roach with Rudd like to keep a kind of rare jungle on a four-foot depth, where the balancer to catch the bad, and the jig – please! Such places are easy to find in different color ice, in the presence of algae near the old holes or the color contrast of the bottom, if the ice is fairly transparent.

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