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Leaving the Kremlin, and then lynching will begin

Уйдет просвещенный Кремль, и тут линчевать начнут

Tell me, why do these disgusting dances with polls on the death penalty on behalf of the state Duma? Yes, and in “Vkontakte”?

What kind of dirty stuff?

That discovery for you: the majority of Russians are for the death penalty. 1996. When a moratorium was declared. Well, that’s it. This is all long ago known. What’s new?

Why dirty survey in the social network? Oh, and “Echo of Moscow” conducts its surveys. With other signs. They also believe?

Why Kiselev told the Duma., what online surveys — this idiocy? This was the case with surveys online at pension reform. In the network who vote? Anonymous. Bots and Ukrainians. Said Kiselev. Or is it “another matter”?

Why the Duma has not used their verified tool — website of the Russian public initiative? Is it because a year ago myself and it wipe? Who now desired ROI? Why is there a vote? After the pension reform of ROI can be closed, not to spend money. Moreover, the Duma prohibited uses “Telegram”. And, as you can see, “Vkontakte”.

And that is not the Also good.

What has come our patriotiki-deputatiki. To the hype in a child’s death. Fu, propastin. I want to wash my hands.

The “United Russia” there is no absolute majority in the Duma? Can’t collapse the moratorium? The retirement age could raise, and the death penalty can not return? Oh-Oh-Oh.

It is necessary to have people to ask. Well, he asked. Then what?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m generally against the death penalty. For one reason: the possibility of error, in which the state becomes flush with the criminals. A difficult question in General.

But I have a friend. Our society decades in favour of the death penalty. It is a fact. Sometimes a little softened people, sometimes a little embittered.

So why all the parliamentary wiggle polypopylene?

I will answer you.

They here’s the point: the Kremlin at that time could claim mouth Peskov: the question of the death penalty is not considered. Because the Kremlin — the only European with us, yeah. Russian barbarians want a penalty, but is broken off. See, Europe, who lives here. Leaving the Kremlin, and then to Lynch will. Only the Kremlin and holding back this dark Asian force.

Ugh. Spin doctors. Hell they have there will be a green corridor. Queue.

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