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“Leave us alone!” The Russians have no money, the Authorities deny this and expect the new levies

«Оставьте нас в покое!» У россиян нет денег Власти это отрицают и планируют новые поборы

“Leave us alone!”

The Russians have no money. Authorities deny this and expect the new levies

Researchers from SK “Rosgosstrakh-Life” and SEC “Prospect”, interviewed fifteen hundred Russians how much they earn and how the quarantine is reflected in their income, should be, did not expect the outcry caused by the publication of the results of their survey. About “significant drop in income” was reported by every fifth Respondent, and one in ten have lost their earnings at all.

But most importantly, it was found that the per capita income is 45% of the citizens does not exceed 15 000 rubles. Decreased and the percentage of those living more than 25 000 rubles, — in February was 36%, in June — is only 27%.

Increased the number of totally destitute people — 8.1% of respondents reported that their monthly income does not exceed 5000 roubles (during the same February survey of such income said 6.9 per cent of Russians). The majority of survey respondents live in small cities, but the current crisis has not spared the Metropolitan area.

For example, in St. Petersburg, 20% of respondents said that they get from 5000 to 15 000 rubles, and 40% rated their income in the range from 5000 to 25 000 rubles.

Oh well, outraged the authorities, there are some 15 thousand per person, what are you talking about! In its official release, the Ministry of economic development said that only in April, the average nominal wage amounted to 49.3 thousand. With reference to the Rosstat, the Ministry added that in the first quarter of 2020 nominal incomes generally increased (by 3.3%). With the beginning of the quarantine, real wages actually fell (there’s nothing to do), but only by 2%.

The indignation of the Ministry was shared and the higher chiefs. The chief press Secretary said that the research methodology is unknown, the sample is small, to draw conclusions on this basis is incorrect, and recalled that the elimination of poverty — “this is what the aim of the action of almost all development programmes”. Then she and the other heavy artillery — the Prime Minister agreed that “achieved over many years of success in fighting poverty is under threat because of the pandemic”, but added that “the challenges require joint coronavirus convincing answer”.

«Оставьте нас в покое!» У россиян нет денег Власти это отрицают и планируют новые поборы

The Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, holds a meeting with Deputy Prime Ministers of the Russian Federation. Photo: RIA Novosti

Fifty dollars of child support or unemployment benefits combined with two hundred dollars of per capita income is not a very satisfactory answer “to the challenges of coronavirus”. Two hundred dollars a month on life is something between the achievements of successful African countries and Latin American failure, but does not look the result of twenty years of incessant victories.

The more that quarantine will punch large holes in the welfare of Russians, the chiefs warned the most loyal and official experts. Newest research of the Ranepa “the Economic situation of the population in the period of postpandemic” indicates that “the deterioration of his family wealth for 2020” expect more than 60% of the citizens (36% choosing “somewhat worse” and 27% “significantly worse”). The reduction of revenues from 58% of Russians identified may poll the CSR. “The heart of the HSE” predicted that by the end of the II quarter of the real income will fall by 18%, and the Center of expertise on the web.RF — what is 17.5%.

In fact, survey respondents “Rosgosstrakh Life” did not say anything contrary to these data, with 19.7% of respondents said “significant” reduction in their monthly income, to lower income members of their family, he said another 16.5%.

However, the boss, denies the fall of people’s incomes, their own logic and their arguments. And, admittedly, quite weighty. From the point of view of the authorities.

For a start it’s data from the Central Bank and the Federal tax service according to which consumer demand has returned to pre-crisis levels.

«Оставьте нас в покое!» У россиян нет денег Власти это отрицают и планируют новые поборы

Tablet screen with a statement on the provision of lump-sum payment for children from 3 to 16 years of operation. Photo: RIA Novosti

According to the economic with reference to the data already in the second half of June, the Russians spent 114,4 billion roubles, as compared to 108 billion rubles in March. If you have no income, what money you go to the shops? — could ask the chief for the economy. And in General — where people survive on a hundred or two hundred dollars a month, in principle, there can be such shops, supermarkets, restaurants and boutiques!

There are some bars and summer terraces? Workers canteens and field kitchens!

In addition, if people have no money, then where did the increase of funds on ruble accounts of individuals in quarantine months? — says the boss. In March — may, according to the Central Bank, on these accounts increased to 383 billion, and total Bank savings reached 24 886 trillion rubles.

Another argument concerns the macroeconomic parameters. Russia may be rich country, according to the incomes of its owners, but the per capita GDP of Russia is small — about 11 $ 200, a little below average. More than in Malaysia and Turkey, but less than that of Romania and Croatia. So, in countries with similar GDP per capita, average earnings (and income) should be approximately on the same level. They may differ, but not significantly the same!

So they are no different. In Croatia average salary is about $ 1,000 in Romania — a little less than $ 1,200. In Malaysia people on average earn slightly more than $ 700, while in Turkey it is a little more than $ 900. Well, Russia, with its samootdelku average salary in the beginning of the year is somewhere in the middle. Between Malaysia and Croatia. Accordingly, the income and consumption should revolve around this level, no more and no less.

No, no, people have money, says the boss. People just cry the Blues.

Do you want to help industrial oligarchy to its cheap labour and the budget to compensate for the loss of oil revenues due to a decline in their standard of living. Well, nothing, anything, before their money we get, I think the authorities.

«Оставьте нас в покое!» У россиян нет денег Власти это отрицают и планируют новые поборы

Photo: Peter Kovalev / TASS

For example, on 7 July the state Duma approved in third and final reading a bill to strengthen control over cash transactions. Now, any such transaction for the sum more than 600 thousand rubles should be reported to the Rosfinmonitoring. Control will postal orders for the sum from 100 thousand rubles and all real estate transactions (both in cash and non-cash) in the amount of more than 3 million rubles.

Who should, and will continue to be stored in the apartments of the pyramid of cash, and all the rest will have to pay the expenses of the government, through the labor ruble. And this is obviously just the beginning. As said Ostap Bender, “the labor every penny must be accounted for.”

I already told you about the plans of the authorities to rebuild the economy, provide for no growth, and reduced income, and was reminded that in the growth of your income the boss sees “risks for Russia.” Therefore, another statement people that “no money”, caused such irritation authorities. How is “no”? We know that there are, and have already decided that money away.


«Оставьте нас в покое!» У россиян нет денег Власти это отрицают и планируют новые поборы

From the first end. What Russia has achieved since the collapse of the Soviet Union? Tip Dmitry Peskov

There is a strong opinion that the fall in the price of export resources reduces the degree of ferocity of the Russian authorities, — the authorities are beginning any kind of reform, the abolition of serfdom or mitigate the passport regime, in General, “declared will.”



An invitation to prison. The economic recovery will be paid from our salaries — is based on this government bailout plan

This is not so. Unfortunately, it is human overexploitation of the resource (rather than natural) is the basis of the Russian economic structure.

And that’s just a surplus of money in power allows her to leave people alone for a while.

People feel it and answering the questions sociologists try to tell the authorities that they have no money, and they are asked to leave them alone.

The boss does not trust people. The money people — this is his new objective, measurable, clear, attainable, and this target it will mercilessly chase.


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