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LEAVE US ALONE! A spooky excerpt from the horror movie “Curse. These days”

Bummed entertaining excerpt from a mystical horror film “Curse. Our days” (The Crucifixion). Some girl is coming in the dark of the nun, and she grabs a visitor by the throat and growls, “Leave us” – and we understand that in the body of a nun was possessed by a Legion of demons.

Don’t forget, incidentally, that for residents of Moscow we 10 Oct hold the prize draw for free tickets to pre-premiere screening of the film – time to participate is still there, but inexorably running out.

US company Lionsgate released “the Spell. Our day” in limited release and on VOD services on 6 October, and the Russian premiere will take place on 12 October 2017.

Recall synopsis:

In 2005, five priests are accused of the murder of a nun, which was conducted the rite of exorcism. Journalist Nicole begins its independent investigation. But as you descend into a chain of inexplicable events, she is becoming more and more an integral part of and more inclined to think that the clergy lost the battle with a demonic entity.

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