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Leash for pike

When at the beginning of freeze-up first in the list of trophies he managed to score a pretty good pike, the angler begins to experiment with the snap elements. The purpose of these tests is the increase in the number of bites Cougar while preserving performance.

Usually, it is not so simple. Thin fishing line is easily injured by contact with ice and also hurt your fingers when playing a fish. To facilitate the tackle, by removing the sinker, it is also impossible — when fishing on big depths of the bait will sink to the bottom forever. Remain only the experiments with the leash. And they are able to lead not only to increase the number of bites, but also to their reduction!

First ice gives anglers a great bite of the predator, quite short. Without any doubt, during the period when the predator is active, no matter what kind of leash she ignores me. This explains the almost identical catches from anglers who prefer a delicate catch, and among the adherents of reliable and tough gear.

However pereletnyi bite out rather quickly. The ice thickness is growing rapidly, the fish activity decreases. Given that the predator becomes extremely passive and cautious, and may not eat for days at a time, the delicacy of the snap goes on the first place. The Internet is full of videos, when the pike for a long time considered raging in front of her live bait, but did not dare to touch. It is likely that she is not hungry, however, can be that thick metal leash alarming her.

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Experiments carried out by the fishermen on leashes, in this context, no longer seem so meaningless. It turns out that the installation is more delicate, soft and thin leash can significantly increase the likelihood that the only bite that anglers can wait a few hours. And cases when one of the fisherman there are regular bites on delicate tackle, and the second, catching the “safe” gear, only enviously watching the success side, a striking confirmation!

The opinion that pike are not responding to the rude snap, and that fat Chinese leash in a green jacket is the best option for zherlits, was broken on the rocks backlava! Yes, and metal, according to experienced “shchukarej” is not the best material for a leash for pike! What can we say about fishing for pike, which is very Moody and extremely wary of thick and coarse elements a snap!

So the delicacy gerlachei snap when fishing in gluhozime plays a very important role. The use of a thin tungsten or Kevlar leashes, and particularly “running” cases of fishing line or fluorocarbon — leads to a significant increase in the number of bites of a predator. But too do not get carried away: it would be a shame to “pull” the trophy at the wells, yielding to the persuasion of the need is too delicate snap.

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Modern industry offers a large number of different leads, different design, length and degree of rigidity. Consider their rating.

• Metal leashes in a polymer shell. These leashes are thick, bright green, gray or brown color, known to fishermen for a long time. Their main feature is low price. The advantages of end.

• Much more profitable to look the leashes of “noble” materials — tungsten and Kevlar, as well as various driver materials. They have a much smaller diameter and high softness. These leashes are very pleasant to the touch and somewhat resemble braided cord.

• But even thin and delicate tungsten leashes out not always. Gluhozime — the worst time for pike. And then comes the time of “non-leads”. First and foremost, we are talking about fluorocarbon special material that appeared on the market recently. The advantages of it are many, allocate complete invisibility in water, as well as high resistance to mechanical stress.

• Popular as posadochnogo of material is ordinary fishing line in the form of “twisting” of the two veins are closely intertwined. Experienced anglers are advised not to get overly thick line. This is enough to ensure reliability and prevent chafing leash of pike teeth. But still, the line takes its toll: after playing 1-2 predators such leash is covered with mesh “scratch” and require replacement.

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