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Leading Ukrainian it’s funny to embarrass live

Украинская ведущая забавно оконфузилась в прямом эфиреMarichka Padalko was in an awkward situation.

Ukrainian TV presenter Marichka Padalko with honor out of a difficult situation.

In social networks discuss the recent incident with the Ukrainian journalist is an embarrassment.

During the recording of the program for the news service of TV channel “1+1” was a funny incident with a leading transfer. Marichka Padalko got into an awkward situation during the recording of the program. The editors of the transmission is not timely transferred to the camera with a direct connection to the Studio, forgetting to warn about this leading.

At this time, Marichka Padalko on something distracted, and turned, as if she emerged from under the table just at the time when it focused camera. The presenter managed to keep his composure, she at the same time with a straight face, I began to read the text of a news story. Moreover, the journalist after the release records even laughed about this incident in his official Instagram account. She invited viewers to imagine ourselves that really distracted her on television.

Members of the journalist readily accepted the rules of the game and began to put forward various assumptions. Some proposed the idea of a purely working moments, e.g., wires under a Desk or a fallen leaf. Someone suggested that Ukrainian TV presenter hides under the table a glass of water due to the fact that it is forbidden to drink in the frame. Other subscribers offered a completely unique correct answer. For example, one commenter jokingly suggested that Marichka Padalko had false teeth. Others have put forward the version about the morning sickness. Allegedly, the journalist could suddenly throw up in the air.

Украинская ведущая забавно оконфузилась в прямом эфире

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