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Leading “House-2” Olga Orlova will live in one bedroom with the other women in the show

Recently Olga Orlova became the fourth leading “House-2”. Many participants and spectators this change was not pleased, and the singer was showered with criticisms and comments. Orlov did not leave without attention to criticism.

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“Tonight you will see me as co-host of the TV show #Dom2. In connection with the barrage of “advice” I received over the last couple of days about “how I need to live”, I want to tell you: let’s each of us do their work! My motto — “Be yourself and let others be others! “You do what you think is right and correct. Do not dwell on unhappy, they are always there, and will know EXACTLY how and what you should do. Don’t lose to yourself, live honestly and according to your inner feelings! Don’t be afraid to take new steps, develop, look for yourself! And remember, who does not make mistakes one does not learn!” — wrote Olga in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

It seems that the singer is really important to find a common language with the participants of telestroke. To fully experience the atmosphere of the project and to understand the relationship of “domova”, Orlov moved to the bedroom for 3 days. The artist will not simply observe the life of the project, the star will have to cook all meals, clean, participate in discussions and engage in other life members.

“We really suggested Olga Orlova live three days of life of project participants to quickly join the process. This is the kind of experiment we’re doing for the first time in the history of the project. I think it will be interesting not only Olga, but also the audience. Olga three days fully immersed in life and the rules of the TV project “Dom-2” — said in an interview the show’s producer Alexei Mikhailovsky.

Issues of “House-2” Olga Orlova in the role of the participant of the show will be aired next week.

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