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Leading “eagle and Tails” spoke about the changes in his personal life

Ведущая "Орла и Решки" рассказала об изменениях в личной жизниRegina todorenko broke up with boyfriend and released cause.

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter Regina todorenko admitted to fans that broke up with her longtime boyfriend Nikita by Trakhinin with whom the relationship at a distance lasted more than 5 years.

It turned out, the love did not stand the test of permanent separations because Nikita lived in Moscow, and Regina in the lead of the show “heads and tails” the last two years almost non-stop traveling all over the world.

“I pulled thus interesting adventures, but suffered a crash in love…” – wrote about the negative consequence of the constant travelling 27-year-old star in his microblog.

“It is very difficult to keep relationships when you don’t take them in any part, but now I will try to do everything possible to fill the gaps))))”- insights on the future of Todorenko.

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