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Lead game designer spoke about the future PUBG

Ведущий гейм-дизайнер рассказал о будущем PUBGThe release of PC-version PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds will be held this month.

Regulars PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds not to fall into despair — The Game Awards 2017 will show a new map on the test server, the upgrade grind, and the release is not far off. But people have other needs — someone desperately needs training, and some, surviving and dying, I want to look beautiful!

At the Korean gaming show G-STAR 2017 CEO PUBG Corporation and a leading game designer of the shooter, Chang Han Kim (Chang-han Kim) noted that users are asking for more cosmetic items. In this case the developer has exercised the utmost care and assured in luchboxer will never be things that affect gameplay. That to jewelry, they will appear after the game: while the priority is to get out of “Early access”.

In addition, Kim explained why the game is not added the tutorial mode, which is so lacking for beginners. It turns out that it is a conscious decision of the authors — they wanted to make PUBG realistic, but in real life, they say, no one would give you practice! However, the creators are ready to meet those who find it hard to understand all the intricacies on their own — work on the “tutorial” starts after the official launch of Thriller.

Finally, the visitors session of questions and answers found out on what basis the developers take the “gun” for the game. The deciding factor was the expected balance — the authors see the role in the current lineup of weapons is not occupied and filled a vacant niche. So, for example, in Battlegrounds not yet introduced the South Korean machine K2 — its features and scope it is similar to the existing “trunk”.

Recall that the release of PC-version PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds will be held this month. Unless, of course, it will not suffer the curse of “Early access”.

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