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Le Pen tried to take the credit in Bank the Russian campaign

Ле Пен пыталась взять кредит в российском банке на избирательную кампанию

French party “national front” tried to get a loan in a Russian Bank “Strategy”. Last summer, the leadership of the faction has requested a loan of 3 million euros, which were used to Finance the election campaign of the head of the party marine Le Pen.

Newspaper EUobserver has published two internal documents of the party “national front”, which suggests that the June 15, 2016, the head of the party marine Le Pen with supporters tried to get a loan in a Russian Bank “Strategy” in the amount of 3 million euros at 6% per annum. The purpose of the loan was the financing of the election campaign Le Pen, who is running for President of France.

As noted by the French publication, funds had to be spent exclusively on costs as part of the campaign, and the money was supposed to be credited to the personal account of Le Pen, outdoor in her name.

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Treasurer of the “National front” Wallerand de Saint-Juste in an interview with the publication Mediapart, said that the loan of 3 million euros was “a project that is never implemented”. Information about what Le Pen managed to get a loan, no journalists.

Russian portal recalls that the Bank “Strategy” has lost the licence in July 2016. The Central Bank noted that financial organization failed to adequately assess the risks with poor quality assets, resulting in lost equity.

Itself, marine Le Pen earlier said that her staff does not have the necessary amount to conduct the election campaign. However, she noted that French banks refuse to give loans to the “National front”, so Le Pen forced to turn to foreign banks.

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“What am I supposed to do? French banks took the money to all the candidates for President, except me,” said the politician.

Last week, Le Pen visited Moscow with official visit in which she met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the background of her departure, the Vice-President of the “National front” Florian Filippo stressed that Le Pen is not going to seek Russia’s sources of funding.

Last year, the French media reported that the Russian authorities promised Le Pen, to Finance her campaign, in exchange for recognition of Crimea as Russian territory in case of its victory on elections. Later, Le Pen has denied this information.

However, the head of NetFront has announced its intention to recognize the Russian Crimea, if it manages to hold the presidency.

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