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Laysan utiasheva photo removed from the Network, fearing the jealousy of Paul Will

Permanent a leading main dance show of the country shared the racy photo in his Instagram. Her she is pictured together with fellow “Dancing” with Miguel, but not in the usual way. Looking at the picture creates a feeling that Miguel looks into the neckline of her luxurious red dress.

However, it is not difficult to guess that this joke Laysan wanted to please fans of the project. No wonder she signed the photo: “What’s he got? I think that Miguel is just forgotten and, as always, the creative impulse of writing room! Write your version in the comments…”

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Despite the irony, many users did not understand the joke and seriously thought that her husband is a showman Pavel Volya — are unlikely to appreciate such humor. “A husband is not jealous of this?” asked some of them.

Comments seem to have touched a lead, and the next day she deleted the photo from Instagram. At the moment it is on page Utyasheva posted a photo from the stage “Dancing,” which she is depicted in the same dress.

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