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Lawyer: Yanukovych in Kiev for questioning would not come

Адвокат: Янукович в Киев на допрос не приедетInstead of the fugitive President to the GPU will come his defense.

Call the state office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine (GPU) of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych for questioning to get acquainted with the materials of open criminal cases against him is illegal.

“The defense will arrive on this call, fulfilling procedural obligations, and notified of the availability today of hindering (the appearance of Yanukovych personally – approx. TASS) good reasons”, – said Serdyuk.

He said that “article 138 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine directly provides for the possibility to be on-call investigator in the presence of such reasons as a prolonged stay abroad and a threat to life, which has not ceased to exist, but on the contrary strengthened in relation to these political processes.”

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According to the lawyer, the defense will resubmit the GPU statement about the presence of life-threatening Yanukovych. “As such the call on interrogation and a number of other procedural violations, the Prosecutor General’s office struggling to help the defense do their job,” says Serdyuk.

He said that the main flagrant violation of the European Convention on human rights and the norms of the Criminal procedural code of Ukraine lies in the unwillingness of the GPU to Yanukovych testimony in the case. “The Prosecutor General’s office received from my client the notification that you wish to provide testimony, the same notification was sent to all the courts that have considered the procedural aspects of this case. However, as the PGO, and the courts refused to implement the client’s right to access to justice, so all subsequent steps, including the publication of subpoenas, the imposition of subsequent decisions are illegal,” insisted the lawyer.

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