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Lawyer Yanukovych accused the court to speed up the process

Адвокат Януковича обвинил суд в ускорении процессаThe lawyer believes that the court is rushing the anniversary of the Maidan.

The court wants to reach a guilty verdict in the case of fugitive ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to the anniversary of the Maidan on November 30. This was stated by the lawyer of Yanukovych Alexander Gorodinsky.

According to counsel, that the court in violation of the law stopped the debate confirms that he is “determined by the framework and it needs to reach a verdict before a certain date”.

Also the lawyer noted that the court deprived the defense of the right to speak replica (the stage after the debate, when the parties of prosecution and defence exchanged remarks, ed.), citing the fact that “the court considers it necessary to stop debate and proceed to the last word.”

“The prosecution is acting on a prior agreement with the court, understands that if we went to the stage replica, then the defense would be able to continue to Express their position of protection. Such coordination between the prosecution and the court speaks for itself – let everyone make conclusions”, – said Gorodinsky.

He added that judges are under pressure as the authority may interrupt their professional career, and emphasized that the court did not give the defense the opportunity to give their evidence.

“Analyzing the evidence of the prosecution, we came to the conclusion that it is completely empty from the point of view of evidence, and some materials of criminal proceedings, collected by the prosecution to testify in the defense. In particular, linguistic expertise, which works in favor of our client and do not establish the facts relied on by the prosecution,” – said Gorodinsky.

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