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Lavrov laugh Network ridiculous statement

Лавров насмешил Сеть нелепым заявлениемCommentators with humor reacted to the cynical statement by Lavrov.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in his recent speech said that Russia, unlike the USA, supposedly never interfered in the Affairs of other States.

Twitter users responded to this statement with humor.

In comments to the Russian Minister recalled the recent incident with the discovery of 400 kilograms of cocaine in the Russian Embassy: “WHAT??!! LAVROV DISMISSED??!! OVER 400KG OF COCAINE IN HIS MINISTRY AND NOT FIRED ??!! AT CHE SAME WORK IN THE COUNTRY…..”, “…this one thing is certain: coke acts as beneficial…”, “Noble Cox”.

Also without attention remained and the very essence of Lavrov’s statement, the Russian non-interference in the Affairs of other States:”All right said the horse. Moscow just takes and takes, and does not interfere”, “Miners and combiners on the tanks did not understand the humor.”

Лавров насмешил Сеть нелепым заявлением

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