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Laugh till you drop: fresh selection of sparkling humor

Хохот до упаду: свежая подборка искрометного юмораThese funny jokes allow us to look at life from an unexpected side.

Among the huge number of people there are special people – observant and with a great sense of humor.

It is thanks to these people and saw these jokes, telling about such friends and such a fun, if you look closely to them, situations.

My grocery cart usually looks like I am 12 and my parents went to the cottage, leaving some money.

— What is your Pasha of habit — the door to the office to us foot open?
— He’s in the Riot served. Before at all before you go — threw the grenade. Barely weaned…

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The guy with the not very beautiful girl stuck in the Elevator. She:
— Young man! If you try to kiss me, I’ll scream!
— Me too!

The robbers call the apartment. Little boy:
— Who’s there?
— And you’re home alone?
— No, the world.
— And how many the child years?
— Open, we locksmiths.
Long then tried to persuade the robbers to get down from the closet came home with the parents holding the three-year Royal dog Ilyusha…

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A conversation between two friends:
— Marinka, you wouldn’t believe! A few minutes ago, I was approached by a guy with model looks and asked for my phone number.
— You were right. I don’t believe.

Grandmother and grandson playing cards:
— Yes you cheating granddaughters!
— Yes, grandma!
And don’t you know what happens to those who cheat?
— You know, grandma, they win!

— Tanya, do you happen to have a hatchet in the trunk, not lying around?
— In the trunk, definitely not, but in the bag may now look…

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