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Laugh till you drop: fresh collection of funny jokes

Хохот до упаду: свежая подборка веселых анекдотовSmile, life is beautiful.

It is difficult to imagine a world in which people would not have a sense of humor.

Then everything would be plunged into deep grief and depression.

And as well, there are new and funny jokes which will not let you get bored! - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

— Well, now let’s get to work…
— Great toast!

Russian language teacher, reading writing student the phrase “Life experience comes with reptiles”, has decided not to fix the bug…

Guy — girl:
— And you’re like my parents, they said you’re smart and sweet.
Very nice to hear…
But I broke down and said that they do not know you.

In a big Department store lady long spins before a mirror, something trying on the head. Finally, she found what she wanted.
— Well, how? — she says to the seller, clearly pleased with himself.
— I have to disappoint you — he is responsible — but it is a division of shades.

A man goes to a psychiatrist:
— I about your wife, doctor. She had an obsession that someone is trying to steal her dresses.
Are you sure about that?
— Absolutely. She hired a special person to guard them. I found it yesterday in the closet…

Mom teaches son:
— Son, to understand what your girl pay attention to her friends. Have you seen her friends?
— No, mom.
— She does not have girlfriends?!
— Yes, but they all sit…

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