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Laugh: funny jokes for fans of subtle humor

Смеемся вместе: забавные анекдоты для любителей тонкого юмораHave fun from the heart!

Lift yourself up, read funny short jokes from our selection.

We offer you the opportunity to forget about problems with humor.

Yesterday drank cognac “Napoleon” together with cognac “Kutuzov”. The next morning felt all the cruelty of the war of 1812…

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Physical education teacher:
— As for class, so forms you do not! And as for the walk, so all in “Adidas”.

How can you stand your wife? She’s forever grumbling, nagging, clinging to every detail. She ever is in a good mood?
— Yes, God forbid! When she’s in a good mood, she sings too!

The students in the Dorm lying on the beds. One:
— I’m hungry… Let’s get a pig! We will have sausage, pork…
— Not-e… Mud too much!
Third, looking around, eye the mess in the room:
— Nothing! Will get used to it!

Disgusting continental climate — this is when for four days you can see the spring and summer autumn and winter without having to travel from the city.

— Honey, what you have me suspicious!
— You can not be otherwise.
— It is possible. Just not necessary in every man sitting in our closet, to see my lover.

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