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Laugh all: the tiger is scared to death of the adult predator

Смеяться всем: тигренок до смерти напугал взрослого хищникаCurious case managed to capture on camera.

Playful baby tiger is scared of the adult predator. Funny incident hit the camera lens. A short video was posted the Japanese TV channel NHK.

The video white tiger first waiting, and then jumps to a tiger, ten times his size. It literally knocked the predator down.

As you know, lions and tigers trying to catch his victim off guard, so they often attack her from behind. Judging by the video, the baby white tiger already learned that lesson, once he was able to frighten his adult counterpart.

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As we wrote earlier, the Network blasted funny cartoon about elections in Russia. Well-known Russian artist Sergei Yolkin a new cartoon made fun of the presidential elections in Russia and the refusal to register the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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