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Latest news: layoffs at a Volkswagen factory. Proletarian news No. 214

Последние новости: увольнения на заводе Фольксваген. Пролетарские новости № 214

The issue:
1.Allowance capitals
3.Without allowances
4.Your law
5.Stress reduction - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The PLOT №1
Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin signed the government resolution on the introduction of salary raises for employees of Regardie and internal Affairs bodies. Monthly “bonus” in the amount of up to 100% of salary will be able to obtain police and military contractors serving in the armed forces of Regardie that dislozierung in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in Moscow and Leningrad regions.
The country is growing popular discontent, and the bourgeoisie instead of the causes of this discontent to eliminate, increases the salaries of its watchdogs.

The PLOT №2
Moscow authorities are sure that the free distribution of medical masks can lead to various speculations. This was stated by first Deputy head of the office of the mayor and the government of the capital Alexei nemeryuk, the radio station “Echo of Moscow” on Saturday. “Any free distribution leads to the fact that there speculation. There is a “dark market.” This is not the way out.
And the fact that now the mask cost a few rubles are sold for hundreds – is not a sign of speculation? Comrade, the bourgeois power to come up with a thousand excuses, and beautiful fairy tales for only you and your family do not give a penny, even in such a difficult situation as it is now.

The PLOT №3
On the morning of may 16, in social networks there was video. The footage of the ambulance workers of Irkutsk are encouraged to pay attention to the fact that they have not received payment in 25 and 50 thousand rubles, which were promised for special working conditions during a pandemic. “Yesterday we got paid and in the calculation sheet was not a word about the fact that we work in dangerous conditions with coronavirus patients,” says an EMT with five years of experience, Andrey Bulanov.
Heroes-doctors risk their lives at the time of the current epidemic, but even the promised allowances bourgeois government does not pay them.

The PLOT №4
Petersburg Nevsky, the court ceased the criminal case, the Deputy Director of the regional Center of social aid to family and children Elena saloway, which was accused of misappropriating more than 109 million roubles from the budget. She was appointed a judicial fine of 40,000 rubles, reported the press service of the city courts. Close the case and assign the penalty, the defendant asked the investigator. He pointed out that salovey charged with a misdemeanor, earlier in the criminal liability it was not involved, was not convicted, and it caused the damage is already compensated.
Apply bourgeois bourgeois law for bourgeois good. So stealing millions from the working masses is not a crime. Let the money you could save hundreds, and even thousands of lives.

The PLOT №5
LLC “Volkswagen group Rus” is a Russian subsidiary of the German Volkswagen group started to lay off workers at the plant in Kaluga, according to the official page of the primary trade Union organization of ASM enterprises in the social networks. Workers asked to write a letter of resignation at own will. Made it to Friday evening can get a six salary. Those who will write the statement on Monday, may 18, will pay five salaries. Also, the company’s management decided that employees “who got a grant to buy a car or real estate” and retired six of the salaries, the money will not be returned, the report said.
Here it is a capitalist care about the welfare of their employee. How then to believe in a bourgeois fairy tale about the mutual benefit of capitalist relations?

Comrade, only under socialism, when the power will belong to the proletariat, and the property will be public, you will be provided with the right to work, and no bourgeois for their own benefit to steal your job can not! Join the fight for their own interests, join in the struggle for socialism – write the email in the description

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