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Late sleep is harmful to health, scientists

Поздний сон вредит здоровью, - ученыеProper sleep and stay healthy.

Watching the evening movies, long get-togethers with friends, exciting books – all this delays our time for a night stay.

But you should know that any violation in sleep affect our health.

British doctors in the Huffington Post said, what happens to the body when lack of sleep:

Memory worsens and the reaction
You probably do notice, after a short sleep you Wake up in the morning barely and can’t spend all day concentrate on anything. This is because after a nearly sleepless night, the brain begins to suffer and you are much harder to remember new information.

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Greater susceptibility to colds
When the lack of sleep worse the immune system works, what you can be sensitive to any stimuli. Therefore, under adverse conditions can catch different viruses.

Poor concentration
After a bad sleep, any work you will get a little worse than after a healthy rest. Accordingly, focus on the business and the end result may be not as desirable.

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Reduced libido
Strange as it may sound, but fatigue and sleepiness does not inspire love. But women in this condition harder to treat.

Drowsiness and fatigue are also cause a strong irritation that may lead to quarrels, provoked by various things.

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