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Late for the plane the Russians tried to stop the plane “manually”

Опоздавший на самолет россиянин попытался остановить самолет "вручную" A strange incident happened at the airport Vnukovo.

At Vnukovo airport in Moscow, passengers who are late for the flight, ran to the apron and tried to stop the plane, preparing for takeoff.

It is noted that the incident happened on November 14.

According to the source, late for a flight, the passenger voluntarily got on the platform and ran after the moving plane of the Victory, jumped on the taxiway in front of the aircraft.

The airline announced Victory that the commander noticed a man on the taxi route, an emergency brake and stopped the engines, one as a result has not suffered.

The violator was detained and delivered in linear Department of internal Affairs, but police let him go without seeing his actions of the offense.

The investigation is carried out.

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