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Larry Cohen and J. J. Abrams developing Thriller-anthology

One of the living idols of the genre film, the script writer of such films as “Maniac COP” and “Phone booth,” the 76-year-old American Larry Cohen told me recently that busy right now creating their own series, and helps him in none other than J. J. Abrams.

Now my big fan of JJ Abrams and his company Bad Robot are working on a series for cable. Each season will consist of 10 original watch thrillers Larry Cohen. We already have scripts for two seasons, which are written and ready to shoot. If this happens, it will be a brand new Renaissance, and the world will see a lot of my material, and I rejissery some of it.

Anthology Thriller from Larry Cohen? Sounds cool! Well, and the figure behind Abrams gives the project a seriousness. This guy and he can shoot, and others interesting ideas to success is moving very actively. For example, we are looking forward to the TV series “castle Rock” and “land of Lovecraft”, which he produces.

In addition, I want to believe that reinterpreted Maniac Cop, invented originally by Cohen, too, will one day see the light.

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