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Large Sedokova sat down on the twine and put it in there

Многодетная Седокова уселась на шпагат и сфоткаласьThe singer boasted flexibility, coming for the first time since third birth in the gym.

Mother of many children Anna Sedokova shared a new Instagram selfie, which she did in the gym, where it appeared for the first time after giving birth to her third child, a son of Hector.

In the caption to the photo she shared their “secrets”: “With such a person only to the sport and to come back)) the Most difficult to pick up the ass and come. This is fine. Today I equipment not want. Worked out with weights, stretched, ran. Want a cool coach, but only so I didn’t get one. Was violent towards me! Decided today to do a cleanse for the body on the advice of Jolie. A drink of water, maple syrup (honey), Cayenne pepper (red) and lemon juice. Do drink ( 3 liters ) and the whole day they enjoy. And nothing else. Now go for a walk with the dogs.”.

Anna Sedokova exposed in the social network photo from the gym just an hour ago, and it was like more than 25 thousand of its followers.

Многодетная Седокова уселась на шпагат и сфоткалась

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