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Large-scale cyber attack: Microsoft confirmed the guilt of software M.E.Doc

Масштабная кибератака: в Microsoft подтвердили вину софта M.E.DocMicrosoft responded to the hacking attack, which began with Ukraine.

In Ukraine during a massive hacker attack were infected with 12.5 thousand computers.

The virus spread with the help of accounting software M.E.Doc Ukrainian production.

Relevant information appeared in the blog of Microsoft.

It is noted that the attack was carried out by using the “virus-the extortioner”, which is a new variant of the malicious software of Ransom: Win32/Petya, however, is more sophisticated, unlike its predecessor.

According to specialists, the infection process was launched after legal updates M.E.Doc.

Except for Ukraine, there is information about the infection in 64 other countries, including Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Russia and the United States.

In Microsoft noted that their antivirus Windows Defender managed to detect the threat, so users are advised to timely update the operating system, because the new versions contain protection against all contemporary threats.

Recall, 27 June, Ukraine unknown virus has infected the network of several large companies, including large state. The attacks began almost simultaneously at about 11:30. The virus has spread very quickly. Manifested in the refusal of the computers on the Windows platform. Were overloaded and were encrypted.

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