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Large cities face inundation

Крупным городам грозит затопление A small increase in temperature can raise the water level.

According to a report by Christian Aid, due to raising water levels worldwide due to global warming, some cities may disappear from the face of the earth. The experts felt that an annual temperature increase of 1.5°C would raise the water level by forty centimeters.

No matter how impregnable looked the cities with their infrastructure, from the disaster they can’t escape. All buildings will be flooded. To protect London from melting ice blocks were erected Barrier of the Thames. The dam is planned to use several times a year, but in reality to protect running 6-7 times a year.

In Houston active resource extraction lead to subsidence of the ground area of 12 thousand km2 of three meters. Shanghai, in turn, is in danger because of the increased water level. Thus, it is important to note that this city continues to grow and improve (for example, the government has recently allocated huge amount on the lighting).

The report said that the plight is also going to Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila and other cities.

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