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Laptop Lenovo Smartbook 141A – your personal electronic assistant

Laptops are gradually becoming niche devices, yielding the mass market of smartphones with larger screen and tablets with a connected keyboard. Yes, demand is falling, but what they can not refuse, so it is in the convenience and ease of use, which is very important for busy people who do not want to understand the intricacies of the transformers, or to suffer, working with documents and email on the cell phone screen.

For modern laptops if they are not playing, must meet certain requirements – they must be compact, light, long lasting and comfortable in any conditions. Today we test the mobile PC Prestigio Smartbook 141A, potentially meet all these requirements, and we sent it in classic black. Let’s see if he’s as good as it is recalled by the manufacturer.



Box with Prestigio Smartbook 141A is very voluminous, but at the same time easy. The cardboard is high quality, has withstood the bullying is not the most responsible of the transport company. The laptop is adequately packaged and protected from direct impacts from all sides.

The buyer can see the appearance of the laptop (in our case the color of the computer coincided with a marked on the box picture) and read about the main specs, both in Russian and in English.

Details about the hardware listed on the back of the box, and here you can find a list of accessories included in the package. Here it becomes clear why the package is easy.



By default, laptop Prestigio Smartbook 141A not put any extra accessories, and the manufacturer claims directly, listing all the things that can be found inside the box. Here, in addition to the computer itself, only the charger and the manual, which, by the way, will definitely be very useful for those who have never dealt with laptops and use only desktop PCs.

The charger in this case is made in the form of a very compact power adapter that connects directly to the outlet, then there are no “bricks”, not here. On the one hand, the decision is very correct, and in the bag that the memory will take up very little space, on the other hand, he has a very big drawback is the wire itself. He’s about 1 meter long, so you will either have to use an extension cord, or be in the vicinity of the outlet during operation of the laptop being on charge.



In principle, to explore opportunities Prestigio Smartbook 141A can be studied written on the box from under him or read the complete manual, but we live in the age of gadgets, so let’s use the official website, where also was found a detailed list of the features of the computer. The data below is taken from him, and discrepancies with the information from the box or from the user us is not seen.

– processor: Intel Atom Z3735F, 4×1,83 GHz;

– video: integrated in CPU Intel HD;

– screen: 14.1 inch, TN, 1366×768 pixel, matte;

– memory: DDR3-1333, 2 GB;

– disk subsystem: SSD 32GB;

– communication modules: Bluetooth 4.0, WI-FI 802.11 n;

– Battery: 10000 mAh, up to 7 hours;

– OS: Windows 10 Professional;

– interfaces: microSD, HDMI, 2xUSB 2.0;

– case color: black, white, dark gray, dark blue;

– dimensions: 351х220х20 millimeters;

– weight: 1.4 kg;

– features: webcam 1.3 MP, two microphones, two speakers.


So, just see what potentially can be attributed to the cons: this is a TN matrix and a small amount of RAM and ROM. The rest of the laptop it came out pretty well balanced, and directly from this list, you can highlight its advantages are: matte screen surface, the Pro version of the OS, the rejection of the hard drive in favor of a SSD and two microphones.



Us for a test Prestigio Smartbook 141A got in black, though black it whole, with the exception of the buttons and the keys and signatures near the interfaces. The case is completely plastic, metallic elements, but a nice touch is barely a rough surface resembling a soft touch top cover and the bottom surface. At first glance it looks very high quality, and there is no doubt that it will survive more than one year of operation and will not be erased.

The inner surface of the laptop is made of matte plastic, apparently scratch resistant. The keys are made of identical material and had white markings (blue for additional commands, combined with the Fn button), and Russian letters color same as the English. It may not appeal only to those who still for some unknown reasons not captured as a blind set, so that the disadvantage will not be considered.

The case looks very thin, visually thinner than the claimed 20 millimeters, and this definitely favors black. Touchpad the matte, rough, the mouse buttons are hidden under the main panel, that is, there is minimalism. Indication of the operation of the computer and turned on NumLock and CapsLock are implemented as a small green LEDs, it is not distracting from the work.

Camera, as it should, Prestigio Smartbook 141A is located above the display, and both the microphone put to the keyboard part. On the lateral sides of the housing are located the interfaces, and the rear part does not carry a functional load. Below is a leg, the screws of the cover technical information and two speakers on the sides.



In terms of ergonomics Prestigio Smartbook 141A we loved, but in the world nothing is perfect, and here too there are some nuances. Consider first the positive aspects: for example, both Shift keys are normal size, not cropped, as is often the case; the power button is built into the top row of the keyboard, but random clicking is almost impossible, even if you miss the Backspace key.

A very important point: the screen can be expanded relative to the keyboard almost 180 degrees, allowing you to work with your notebook, for example, lying on your back and bending your knees and using them as a support for the computer. It is very convenient to the train or even at home on the couch.

The laptop is a bit heavy, but overall its 1.4 kg quite drawn – there is no feeling very heavy burden. Fixing the screen reliable and eliminate the opening with one hand. The housing bottom is equipped with legs, eliminating the possibility of scratching the bottom cover on the table, and this way affects the sound quality because speakers are on the bottom, and the legs between them and the horizontal surface there is a small space.

Side of the keyboard are large enough that allows you to transfer Lenovo Smartbook 141A two hands and not be afraid to accidentally click on a particular button. The same goes for the space under the keyboard – it is calibrated, and the buttons do not have to stretch, hands are in a natural position.

The location of the interfaces is adjusted correctly – they are brought on side ends, and they do not interfere during operation, while at the same time within easy access. Left relative to the keyboard see a USB port, HDMI output and a socket for charging and on the right is another USB port, a microSD slot and a combined entrance for a headset.

And now for the cons. Let’s start with the fact that the active touchpad is absolutely impossible for comfortable placement of the hands during typing and then touch the touch surface, so you have to keep your hands in the air and this leads to pain in the wrists. Conclusion: if you type a lot, without a mouse you can not do the good that the touchpad is easily turned off by Fn+F2.

Further, the combined connector for headset is evil, because not everyone has headphones with the right connector, usually two of them – headphone and microphone separately. And why so few USB ports? Hooked up the mouse and flash drive – and here there’s nowhere to plug in, say, a hard drive, external optical drive, printer and any other peripherals, even the same smartphone for the transfer of information. Extremely uncomfortable. Of course, you can buy a USB hub or a wireless mouse (the laptop has Bluetooth-module), but it is additional costs.

Place under at least two USB Prestigio Smartbook 141A is – entire back panel is free. Again, where is USB 3.0? 2017 in the yard, the USB 2.0 standard has long become outdated and slowly disappearing from modern laptops and desktops.



Display Prestigio Smartbook 141A non-touch, and that’s good – don’t have to wash daily with a fingerprint. The basis of the screen is the matrix TN is known for its slight angles, but they are still quite good, although only horizontally almost 180 degrees. Already vertical with a slight tilt of the screen appear distortion tones.

The screen brightness is excellent: on a laptop to work comfortably and in the light of the lamp, and in a very Sunny day. The manufacturer has a good matte surface of the screen – nothing glare, no mirror effect, in General, the beauty. Again, accidental contact with the high probability will not leave smudges.

Resolution 1366×768 pixels at a diagonal of 14.1 inches for comfortable work enough: grit, of course, present, but visible only at very close examination. In the process of surfing the web, working with documents or watching movies it is completely invisible.



The keyboard is probably the best component Prestigio Smartbook 141A. The buttons are large, with clear labels and even pressed very easily. For a blind set method, this keyboard is perfect: hands go straight to the right buttons, and get used to anything not necessary.

We note again that the Shift key is normal size, plus a full row of F-keys available at once, without the Fn button. Even made a big Backspace, and Delete is where it should be, i.e. right above Enter. The keystroke is relatively small, and they are very, very quiet – you can Bang on them in the dead of night and not be afraid to Wake the family or neighbors.

The only thing missing from the keyboard Prestigio Smartbook 141A is protection from water and, most importantly, the backlight, but this is still a budget laptop, let’s not forget about it. Note also that when moderately strong pressure on the buttons the whole keyboard flexes slightly.

Due to the compact size of the notebook the keyboard doesn’t have a full block of digital buttons, NumPad – it is integrated directly into the main unit and activated it by pressing and holding the Fn button. On the sides of the keys a lot of space, you can position the wrist in between work.



Touchpad in Lenovo Smartbook 141A can replace a mouse, but only if the keyboard you rarely use – we have already wrote about the high probability of accidental touches. It has a rough surface on which the finger glides very easily. Buttons hidden in the lower part and respond very well to the touch – no need to exert extra effort. Visually the buttons are hidden, with the result that the entire surface is solid, but those people who ever in your life worked behind the laptop, “grope” them instantly.



Laptop Lenovo Smartbook 141A default comes preloaded with Windows 10, and it is important to note that once it comes it the Pro version. The manufacturer did not install cropped and useless “Home” edition, and as a result available to the user a full range of capabilities of this system.

Pleasantly surprised by the fact that “a Dozen” it takes very little storage space in the laptop is only 32 GB ROM, and we have assumed that the system will take half of the volume, but we were wrong, and well. OS is fully functional, all built-in components are available without restrictions, but it was discovered by advertising right on the desktop hanging label, leading to the game “World of Tanks”, and this despite the fact that the laptop itself never game. But this label is easy to remove, and no more spam in the system were found.

We have not found and additional software – just a standard set of Win-programs, and everything else the user will have to put himself. It’s for the best: don’t have to spend time cutting out and often useless trial software.

By the way, in the line of Prestigio laptops there are models running Windows 10 Home, best suited for home use or as a first laptop for a student. Windows 10 Pro is a more secure OS, and mobile PC it is perfect as a computer to operate.



In Prestigio Smartbook 141A has a 32 GB internal memory and 2 GB of memory, and upgrade last if possible, only when removing the back cover. Any compartments with access to the SODIMM are not provided, and there is speculation that RAM is soldered into the motherboard to reduce thickness of the housing.

But the built-in memory build up is possible – for this is the microSD slot with support for cards up to 128GB. We checked – it really recognizes this volume, however, additional storage may not be required since after the first boot, the system consumes only 7 GB of space, leaving a free 21 GB. If desired, you can disable hibernation and free up another 500 MB of space, so you need software space with a probability of 90% will be enough.

After the first boot RAM was filled more than half, that is, under an additional program is less than 1 GB of RAM, which is very little, especially for the Internet. Read more about this in the next section.



Laptop Lenovo Smartbook 141A been tested in the GeekBench benchmark, where a multi-core mode got 1913 points, thus confirming their affiliation to a mobile PC and entry-level. In the synthetic gaming tests, the laptop was not tested, because for modern games it is unsuitable for a number of reasons: first, it has no discrete graphics card, and secondly, the processor receives passive cooling, which made the laptop completely silent and at the same time increased the risk of overheating. In other words, heavy games it is better not to load.

We also assessed the possibility of an SSD which Lenovo Smartbook 141A replace hard drive. Testing was conducted in CrystalDiskMark and the results are clearly visible in the screenshot. The options are clearly better compared to conventional hard drives, but modern SSD is still not up, on the basis of which make an assumption that under this abbreviation in this laptop is meant simply the flash memory.

Now the most important thing about the laptop. Wi-Fi module works well at speeds of 100 Mbps (the speed limit our access to the network), so downloading is no problem. However, all modern browsers consume a lot of RAM, and in the case of Chrome version 57 had 5 tabs, freezes and lags.

With streaming video laptop can cope very well – Full HD from YouTube plays without problems. And here if to launch a film in the same resolution from a memory, the hang still occur, although not significant. With HD content such troubles do not arise.


Work offline

On the autonomy of the laptop is Lenovo Smartbook 141A was tested with an active Wi-Fi module and almost maximum brightness of the screen. The manufacturer stated 7 hours of battery life, though it is unclear which mode, but we got very different numbers. So, in viewing HD-video from the internal memory, the computer is dead in 8 hours, a simple set of text in Word lasted for 10 hours, and as a music player (streaming Internet radio at 192 kbit/s) batteries have enough for 7.5 hours.

Next, surfing the web using Chrome, I ran out of charge for 5.5 hours and Full HD videos from YouTube left the laptop without power for 4.5 hours. To charge the battery (lithium, built-in 10000 mAh), it took us 3 hours.



Prestigio Smartbook 141A is positioned as a low-cost solution for work and leisure and this fully corresponds. It has a number of interesting features including rare screen with opening almost 180 degrees, plus a General concept of minimalist design immediately adjusts on a working harmony and creates a feeling that before you is a tool for serious work, not for social networks “Instagram”.

If you close your eyes on all those minor issues that are inherent to this laptop, for his 13,000 rubles (the average price on Yandex.Market at the time of publication of review) he is a very good option to purchase, the more that comes Win10 Pro. As inexpensive additions to the core desktop computer allowing you to work outside the office or home, say, in a train compartment or on the terrace, it is optimal.

Also on the Lenovo Smartbook 141A is possible to work even at night because of the very quiet keyboards and the lack of active cooling system. The laptop is completely silent, whereas nearly all models for the same price most certainly will bombard you with the rustle (and sometimes howls) of the cooler.


Pros Prestigio Smartbook 141A

– slim body;

– silent operation;

– the opening angle of the screen nearly 180 degrees;

– Windows 10 Pro;

– very comfortable keyboard;

– considerable free space of the internal memory;

– stylish design;

– good autonomy;

– matte screen.


Cons Prestigio Smartbook 141A

– insufficient RAM;

– not enough USB ports;

– no USB 3.0;

– matrix TN.

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