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Laptop Dell Latitude 5840 you can connect an external graphics card

Dell has announced a business laptop Latitude 5840 Intel Core i7 Kaby Lake up to the H series. This mobile PC, as it turned out, you can easily turn it into a game by installing external graphics card in a special dock, and then all the toys will work without brakes.

Default Dell Latitude 5840 is going on the Core U of the seventh generation, but if you look at the top included and there is already Core i7-7820 HQ with a frequency up to 3.9 GHz in turbo mode. The set also has the GeForce 930MX on the NVIDIA GM108 chip with 64-bit memory bus, which is not enough for modern games, and the USB-C port with the Intel Thunderbolt 3, and here it will be useful to connect the docking station with the video card, when given a bandwidth of 40 Gbps.

Configuration Dell Latitude 5840 you can make from 4 to 16 GB of RAM the new standard DDR4-2400 and a hard drive up to 1 terabyte, plus there is always a place under the SSD is able to accommodate at least 128 GB and a maximum of 512 GB. Mobile computer curb 10 unknown Windows version and screen resolution 1366×768 in the database of Full HD is in the top, which can be optionally touch. In addition, there is dual band Wi-Fi module and a battery 68 W/h Is Latitude 5840 from 1320 USD.

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