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Landing on the moon was not, and before Gagarin in space was 12 people. Absurd theories…

Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...

Why are conspiracy theories so popular? Why do people refuse to believe the simplest explanation and looking under the carpet traces of someone’s hairy hands? Someone thinks that this is a common reaction to social inequality or the occasion to once again criticize the governments of all countries. Someone sees this as a projection of negative personality traits on the conspirators, turns into a real demon. Were the Americans on the moon? Was Gagarin first in space? That sprayed aircraft its white traces?

It would seem strange questions. But surprisingly in the world there are dozens, hundreds and, worst of all, millions of people who are seriously ready to argue with the accepted, the obvious, and not just proven facts. About these conspiracy theories we discuss.

Lunar conspiracy

The classic of all times and peoples. And probably the most popular conspiracy theory in the world. And it boils down to the fact that the Americans allegedly never went to the moon while filming the landing of Neil Armstrong and Aldrin Base on the Earth’s satellite actually filmed in Hollywood pavilions under the direction of Stanley Kubrick.

In may 2018 in Russia forces VTSIOM conducted a sociological survey. Not only that, 7% of Russians do not believe in a spherical Earth, so the idea of the lunar conspiracy support 57%. Among people with secondary education in landing Americans on the moon don’t believe 65% of the respondents.


Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...


After the past decades and tens considered blockbusters, much easier to believe that the landing of Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon was a fake.

Adherents of the lunar conspiracy theory believe that in the late 60-ies NASA did not have the technical capabilities to make such an operation for the delivery and return from the moon. But a fraud Agency and the U.S. government went to in order to distract citizens from the Vietnam war and to kill the successes of the USSR in the space race.

Probably the most popular argument among ordinary people is the ruffle on the US flag, mounted on the surface of the moon. They tend to see this as a breath of wind at the site and not damped oscillations due to the installation of the flag. It is not clear that prevented to the pavilion to re-shoot this time so that the flag was perfectly smooth to the delight of all the conspirators? But this is the most logical step, they will always find a counterargument. The same applies to claims too competitive jumping astronauts on the moon, where gravity is less, and claims that the passage through the radiation belts of the Earth, and claims to retouch the official pictures of the astronauts.


Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...


And even the recognition of the Soviet Union American championship to the moon “conspirators” can explain. From the simple assumption that the Union did not recognize the forgery or received economic benefits from the United States. Until the acute stage of the conspiracy of the brain: the Soviet Union was a project of the American elites, which they terrorized their own citizens.

Of course, in the USSR not only on TV followed by missions Apollo: the exploration was a wide network of agents and advanced technical capabilities to spy on American rockets from overseas.

At present confirmation of the landing of Armstrong and Aldrin found on the moon and Chinese and Indian and Japanese space vehicles. But for fans of conspiracy theories it was just another excuse to stretch your gray matter in search for conspiratorial explanations.

The lost cosmonauts

On the territory of the former Soviet Union, it was popular theory about the moon conspiracy, in the West it was customary to remember some Soviet cosmonauts who went to heaven (in the literal and figurative senses of that phrase) to a memorial of the flight of Gagarin. In the West, this theory got a sad-romantic name Lost Cosmonauts.

Proponents of this conspiracy theory claim that in the Soviet Union before Gagarin tried to launch a man into space. But all these launches ended in failure and the death of astronauts. One of them, however, like how to survive and get captured by the Chinese government. All for the same theory, of course.


Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...


Most likely, the origins of this theory date back to an alleged leak from a high-ranking Czech Communist, who in December 1959, shared information about the many informal launches on the territory of the USSR. It is alleged that in one of these runs in the usual liquid single-stage ballistic rocket R-5 were Alex ledovskiy. This name eventually was added Andrei Mitkov, Sergei Siberin and even Maria Gromova. Information about this was distributed by the Italian news Agency Continentale.

Often the “lost cosmonauts” in the West are taking the test parachute equipment, which died before the first manned flight into orbit. At least, to such conclusion came in 1986 (during the time of glasnost) is a journalist and science popularizer Yaroslav Golovanov in his book “Cosmonaut No. 1”. During its writing he met with high-altitude parachutist, who worked with the same Petro Debt. Last in the West like to attribute to death in space, although he actually died jumping from a height of 28 640 meters in November 1962, when testing an experimental parachute.

Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...

Gondola of the stratosphere balloon “Volga”

Good fueled a theory about “lost cosmonauts” and the two Italian radio Amateurs — the brothers of Judika-Cordileone. In 1960 they were regularly informed about the interception of signals manned Soviet spacecraft. This unrecognized genius intercept managed what they could not achieve the American war machine: brothers could even hear the heartbeat of the Soviet cosmonaut who, in the opinion of their cardiologist friend, was dying.

History of the brothers was striking one another. In the end, they managed to intercept the communications of an entire crew of four Soviet cosmonauts, freezing to death in space. “Conditions are deteriorating… Why don’t you answer?.. The speed drops… the World will never know about us” — at least so have told them the history of Italian media.


Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...


Among the “lost cosmonauts” Western “conspirators” are sometimes attributed to test pilot Vladimir Ilyushin. He allegedly a few days before Gagarin went into space, made a few orbits around the Earth, but because of the problems landed in China. Although the Ilyushin and visited China, but not because of falling from the sky, but because of the car accident and subsequent rehabilitation techniques of traditional Chinese medicine in China.

Chemical trails

One of my favorite conspiracy theories — “chemtrails”, or chemtrails. The so called contrails that are left behind aircraft flying at high altitude. Conspiracy theorists believe that these puffy plumes of water vapor actually chemicals the government is spraying over populated areas to control the weather, or poisoning the environment, or to curb the companies. Supposedly from aircraft to spray chemicals that make us docile citizens, which is easier to manage.

The great popularity of this theory earned in the United States, where, in fact, was born. Now in the skies over the United States annually flying more than 840 million people. Often in social networks publish the whole grid in the sky of contrails. Like aircraft pilots would not mind playing in a huge TIC-TAC-toe.


Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...


— 20-30 years ago we never saw these dimitras. We had a wonderful blue sky, — told the correspondent of BBC, one of the activists of the organization Bye Bye Blue Sky that unites people, disturbed by the traces of planes in the sky.

Of course, contrails are just water vapour from aircraft engines, which under certain conditions in the atmosphere turns into ice crystals. And this is not some newfangled invention: contrails have existed since the dawn of aviation. Just look at this picture from the Second world war.


Высадки на Луну не было, а до Гагарина в космосе были 12 человек. Абсурдные теории...


But that’s not stopping activists from building a giant conspiracy behind the scenes, where you can see the hands of the UN, the military, governments, the Rothschilds, pilots, scientists and other masons. How hard life, probably with the knowledge of this sacred and are not available to everyone knowledge.

However, these people, often the elderly, can understand. In their eyes, the world has dramatically stepped from one era into another, and of scientific discovery and technology poured from the cornucopia. However, are in the cohort of conspiracy theorists and people younger who have been unlucky with the physics teacher.

Professor Karen Douglas from the University of Kent has explained the persistence of such theories, their increasing number and a lot of followers online. People love to share information and consume it. But consumes more willing they are what you believe in. In the end, they find themselves in an information bubble with people who share their interests and faith, spreading only information in which they all believe.

And it is not surprising that the groups in Facebook like Chemtrails Global Skywatch going under 180 000 participants United by the belief that traces of planes in the sky — “this is the greatest crime in the history of mankind.”

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