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Land attack a distant galaxy, high-energy rays

Землю атакует далекая галактика высокоэнергетическими лучамиThe earth has been exposed to 30 thousand rays.

Recently, scientists have found a source of high-energy rays, which have tremendous speed and it reaches to the Ground and attacking her.

All studies on this topic were conducted in the Observatory Pierre auger. In order to find out what the source of these rays, scientists have spent the last ten years. During this time the Land was exposed to 30 thousand of these rays. After scientists have thoroughly studied cosmic rays, he learned that the rays to the Ground moved with the force of eight quintillion electron volts. Scientists first spotted the high-energy beam of 50 years ago, but thoroughly study it was not possible, since such a beam hits our planet only once a year and covers one square kilometer.

In our time, specialists were able to study the rays, and with the help of modern technology they have found the source of the rays. They found a distant Galaxy, which is located from the Earth at a distance of 326 million light-years.

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