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Lance Henriksen as Terminator – how it could be

James Cameron returned to the child and restarts the franchise “Terminator”. And we have a legitimate reason to recall the original 1984 release, which brought fame and Cameron, and the performer of the title role to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Widely known fact – the role of a cyborg killer from the future Cameron originally wanted to give to another actor, namely lance Henriksen. Henriksen was one of the main candidates, along with, for example, O. J. Simpson (whose candidature was supported by the Studio), David Cameron saw the role of T-800 only Henriksen and Schwarzenegger was originally considered for the role of Kyle Reese. But in the end it was the mountain of muscle from Austria realized a now iconic image of a machine-killer, while Henriksen was satisfied with a minor role of a policeman. However, lance then Cameron took the role of the Android Bishop in his “Foreign”.

But what if Henriksen had indeed played the Terminator? How would he look in this way? We have early concept art, clearly demonstrating that this idea could happen:

Compare? Do you think the creators of “Terminator” is not wrong with the choice?

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